Today, residential market in Turkey has a double-digit growth. Both in domestic and foreign markets; new construction/real estate developing projects and restructuring studies are rapidly being actualized. Besides, people need more livable, organic and functional habitats. Innovative projects are needed to be produced for people to provide them a life without breaking their connection with nature.

We established a tradition of providing “the most required service with high quality” together with Durak Textile, which is the first constituted company of Durak Plus Group which has been influencing its sector with 30 years of experience. Now, we have successfully completed a brand new, innovative project called Kalyon Marina Villas under the leadership of Durak Plus Land Estate.

When we take a glance overall on the construction sector, our main difference was to keep our “human and nature” focus on the basis of the project and reveal an undiscovered habitat. It is an honor for me and my team to embody Kalyon Marina Villas, which is Istanbul’s only villa project with marina and Durak Plus’ first branded real estate enterprise.

We will improve our 13.000 sqm of terrain within the framework of our goals. Yet, there are 2 newly planned projects to come in residential and commercial aspects. In the light of our "human and nature” focused vision, we will appraise one of our investments within the frame of urban transformation.

In addition to our strong and reputable steps in the construction sector, we will continue in textile with our investments. We will stay dedicated with our passion and loyalty to the textile sector with regards to Durak Textile, the first established and successful company of Durak Investment Group.

Durak Plus Land Estate Inc

Established in order to bring a new vision and an added value to the construction sector, Durak Land Estate acts with the purpose of developing human focused real estate projects.

Actualizing Kalyon Marina Villas with West Wall Construction, Durak Land Estate is planning to pursue innovative investments in the construction sector. Fırat Muşlu, a young businessman is the chairman of Durak Land Estate which is continuously growing with Durak Investment Group’s thorough business experience and power.

Durak Investment Group

Durak Investment Group is active in fields of construction and real estate development, textile, accessories and yacht manufacturing.

Durak Investment Group’s roots go back to Durak Textile which is established in 1983. Durak Textile, operating on a 3800 sqm closed area in Güneşli, is one of the steering companies in the sector with its 30 years of experience.

Besides rapidly growing with Kalyon Construction and Durak Plus Land Estate in construction and real estate development; Durak Textile and Giff Textile in textile fields, Durak Investment Group is also ready to carry on investments in energy and service industry.